Mid-Nineteenth Century 15 karat Gold “Day Earrings”, Amethyst and Pearl Earrings from Leesburg, Virginia:

Antique Earring with Amethyst Earring
Victorian Earrings Gemstones circa 1855

Handmade setting of 15 karat yellow gold, tested not marked. This pair is set with 10 seed pearls that are genuine ocean pearls in each earring. The Amethysts are the medium to deep colored gemstones and each of the center Amethysts are set with 10 prongs around each stone. The prongs are as close to each other so they hold the gemstones tightly. These wonderful earrings, which came out of Northern Virginia and are circa 1855 and pre-Civil War in the time of American history.
The earring have the original hinged wires and clasp in the front of the ear as common it his early period. They are in excellent condition and very hard to find in today’s market. Current insured value as of August 2012 is $2200. 00.

Price: $595.00