Mid-Victorian circa 1880 Mesh work, Hardstone Cameo Necklace:

Antique Cameo Pendant with great Chain
Hard Stone carved Cameo Necklase with Meshwork Chain

The necklace chain is made by a machine that was patent in the year 1873, the makers name was A.O. Baker. It is a major invention for jewelry creation itself. This allowed the jewelry to be made more efficiently so the chain mesh did not have to be made by hand as it had in the past.
The gold work is gold-filled which means layers of gold are over a base of sterling silver. The chain has a clasp on the top side edge of the decorative center pendant. This is a pendant is set with a hand carved hard stone Cameo, carved from banded Onyx. The gold work on the pendant is hand engraved and enameled with a baked on black enameling process. The chain is 17 ½ inches long and 1 ½ inches adds to the total length which is the width of the pendant. So the total inches are 19 inches for the length of the necklace.
The current insured value as of April 2012 is $1800.00.
Price $575.00

Price: $575.00