Civil War Era Green “Demantoid” Garnet and Royal Amethyst Gold Ring:

Original Victorian Green Garnet Ring
Antique Green Garnet "Demantoid" and Amethyst Ring

The handmade setting is of 18 karat Gold with nice detail to the shoulders of the ring. The ring is set with two hand cut and hand set natural gemstones. The first gem is a one half carat Green Demantoid Garnet, which is a rare gemstone in this age of rings.

About the Demantoid Garnet:
The star of green garnets is the rare demantoid, a gemstone for connoisseurs and gemstone lovers. Its brilliance is positively tremendous. Russia's star jeweler Carl Fabergé loved the brilliant green garnet from the Urals more than anything else, and used it in
his creations.

The other gemstone set into the gold ring is a Royal Amethyst, which means it is an Amethyst that is much deeper in color than other Amethyst of the time period.

Amethyst Facts:
Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and the most valued member of the quartz family. It must be purple to be amethyst, but it can display a range of shades including deep purple, light lilac, lavender and mauve. Top quality amethyst is a deep medium purple with rose-colored flashes. Its purple color made it a stone of royalty for many thousands of years.

The ring is in excellent condition and is a size 6 ½ now but can be resized larger or smaller is needed. The current insured value as of March 2012 is $1800.00

Price: $575.00