Pre-Civil War, Circa 1850, 18 karat Gold Hairwork Pin from Atlanta:

Antique Hair work pin
Victorian Child's hair in gold pin

This is a circa dated 1850 handmade pin of 18 karat rose and yellow gold using a young girl’s hair. This is not mourning hair; it was just for the mother or grandmother to wear in order to think of their little girl with baby hair. Their way, in the Victorian times, was to save a lock of their child’s hair as we do today in baby books. This was a very sentimental practice that Victorians, who had the means, would do. The hair would be taken to a jeweler and the professional hair weaver (called a Hair Spider) would plate, weave the hair and place it into the gold item of jewelry. Hair is very lasting and it is one reason, besides being so personal, that it was kept. This is from Atlanta and is 1 inch wide and ¾ inches tall with the T-bar pin and C-clasp. The ring on the top is to keep the pin safe by wearing a small cord or ribbon through it and around the neck for a back up in case the pin came undone. These hairwork items were too precious to loose. This one is in excellent condition and a part of Victorian tradition that is gone today. Current insured value as of 2011 is $750.00

Price: $250.00