Dated 1869 Mourning Brooch with Blond Hair and Inscription, Quality Workmanship:

Victorian Hairwork Pin dated 1869
Antique Mouring Hairwork Brooch dated Inscribed Hair work pin

Handmade of 15 karat yellow gold by an American goldsmith and hand enameled in black and baked onto the gold so it is lasting. The enamel words on the front of the brooch are “In Memory Of” and in the center blond hair which is tightly woven placed under a crystal. The inscription on the back of the brooch is “ R. Raulton to E. Dooks for her kind attention to his Mother during her illness. Died March 22nd 1869”It is 1 1/2 inches across and 1 ¼ inches tall. The T-bar and C-Clasp pin is still strong to wear. This type of mourning brooch is very hard to find with inscription and in the excellent condition it is in.

Price: $495.00